Back to School


Why I Am Learning to Code

  1. Self-Improvement
    Continual learning keeps the mind humble. Not knowing what you don’t know can lead to dangerous situations, espeically for entreprenuers. Continual learning pushes me to set higher standards and more well-thought out goals.

  2. Build My Own Apps
    I have always enjoyed brainstorming and discussing ways to make things more efficient. There are several ideas that I would like to test out and build, if for nothing else, to make my life more efficient.

  3. Become Part of the Community
    The worldwide tech scenes have exploded in recent years. People from all backgrounds are leaving their jobs to flock to coding schools and communities. There is arguably no community that lends itself to a more diverse set of skills and interests, which creates awesome learning opportunities and unqiue relationships.

  4. Learn the Lingo
    One of the biggest peeves VCs and Angels have is when an entreprenuer says “I’m the non-technical co-founder, I don’t know or understand the technical features of my product.” Having a grasp of the basics of coding allows me to drive the technical conversations even if my technical co-founder isn’t present.

  5. Part of Our Lives
    Technology is ingrained in our lives, and will only increase in importance as more and more things become automated. Its always great to be at the forefront of future.